Don’t Put Off Reading About What Procrastination Is!

“I’ll worry about it later!”

“Maybe tomorrow…”

“I’m not in the mood”

If you identify with any of these excuses or you find yourself putting off your work yet again, you are not alone. In fact, each of us can find ourselves procrastinating from time to time. However, if we continue to find ourselves procrastinating, this can disrupt our day-to-day life and be a barrier to fulfilling our potential.

If you’d like to work on managing procrastination, it can be helpful to recognize when you start to procrastinate, understand why it happens, and take steps to effectively manage your time.

So What Is Procrastinating?

  • Waiting to start working until the last minute
  • Getting distracted or looking for distractions while trying to focus
  • Waiting for the “right time” or until it feels “urgent” to start a task
  • Choosing to do something easier or fun instead of an important chore 
  • Making excuses and rationalizing time spent unproductively

You are not lazy if you find yourself procrastinating! In fact, procrastination can often be a way to protect yourself. Sometimes when we procrastinate, we might find ourselves using the excuse of not having enough time so if we fail, we won’t feel quite as bad. When there is so much pressure put on receiving a good mark on an assignment, it makes sense that we put it off, it can feel intimidating or even impossible to face! Sometimes our reasons for delaying and avoiding “doing” the task represent fear and anxiety—about doing poorly, feeling “out of control”, appearing disorganized, being criticized, and possibly worrying about the unknown.

If you are nodding your head as you read this, don’t fret! There are many ways to take on procrastination.

Sticky notes that say tomorrow!


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