Scholarships and awards


OCAD U's Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards programs recognize excellence. Each program and year level gives a variety of scholarships and awards based on grades and/or studio/coursework. Scholarships and awards are different from bursaries, which are distributed on the basis of financial need.


Scholarships recognize overall academic achievement (combined studio/Liberal Arts & Sciences) on the basis of grades only and encourage further studies. They are given at the first-, second- and third-year levels in the Faculty of Design, Faculty of Art, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. No application required. Scholarships are given as tuition credits prior to the start of the next academic year. For more information, visit In-Study Scholarships.

Awards recognize achievement in each program at the fourth-year level on the basis of studio work, as well as specific Liberal Arts & Sciences achievement on the basis of coursework completed. Awards are given as cash awards, and will be presented at an Awards event in the late spring.

OCAD U Medals will be given for each program at the fourth-year level as part of the Awards Program, as well as at the graduate level. OCAD U Medals are highlighted at the Grad Ex and formally presented at the Convocation Ceremony. For more information, visit In-Study Awards.

Governor General’s Academic Medals

The Governor General’s Academic Medals are awarded annually to a graduate and an undergraduate student who achieve the highest academic standing upon graduation from a graduate degree program (Gold Medal) and a bachelor degree program (Silver Medal). The medals are awarded at the Spring Convocation Ceremony on behalf, and in the name of, the Governor General. No application is required.