Emergency loans

The Wendy Curtis Emergency Loan Fund

Short-term loans are available to students experiencing temporary financial difficulties, such as emergency situations, unexpected expenses, or as an advance against OSAP/student-loan funds if these funds have been delayed for a reason that is beyond the student’s control. Emergency loans are intended to assist students with expenses related to their education. As funds are limited, students should consider emergency loan funds only after they have exhausted other possible resources, such as family assistance or OSAP appeals.

Students should contact the Financial Aid & Awards office to make an appointment with a financial aid advisor to review their current financial situation and explore alternatives for meeting their educational costs. Students are expected to be registered in classes and have applied for student loans. Additionally, students need to have indicated on their OSAP/student-loan application that funds are to be directed to the university to pay for tuition. Decisions about emergency loans are made on an individual basis, and supporting documentation is required.

About the Wendy Curtis Emergency Loan Fund

Wendy Curtis (1965-1991) graduated from the College in 1989 from the Industrial Design Department. Wendy was a perfectionist about truth and justice, about ethics and the way the world should be. She questioned life, her values and the values of others, and always searched to give meaning and validity to her existence. Her family and friends have set up the Wendy Curtis Emergency Student Loan Fund in her honour and memory.

Individuals or corporations interested in contributing to the OCAD University Bursary Program, the Wendy Curtis Emergency Loan Fund or the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund, should contact the Development office:

OCAD University
100 McCaul Street, Toronto , ON M5T 1W1
Tel: 416-977-6000, Ext. 481
Fax: 416-977-4080

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