Cost Calculator

* Costs are based on the 2019/2020 academic year.

Financial planning

Sound financial planning is important to ensuring success at university. With the exception of tuition costs, which are paid directly to OCAD University, exact costs will vary according to your circumstances, choice of courses and lifestyle. Financial need is determined by comparing estimated costs to estimated resources.

Staff in the Financial Aid & Awards office can advise students with respect to their financial situation, provide referrals to the appropriate financial assistance programs and assist them with securing the resources required to meet their post-secondary education costs.

The Financial Aid & Awards office and the National Student Loans Service Centre will host several information sessions throughout the year on various student financial assistance related topics. Information on upcoming workshops will be posted through social media.

Estimated expenses and resources

The cost calculator provides estimates of the expenses a student may incur during the academic year, as well as sample resources. Individual expenses and resources may vary. Fees are subject to change. Official OCAD U fees can be found on the Tuition & Fees page.

Determining financial need

Financial need is determined by comparing the total resources available to the total costs. If the total resources are greater than or equal to the total costs, then there is enough money for school! If the total resources are less than the total costs, then the budget must be reviewed to see if costs can be trimmed or resources increased. Budgeting tips are provided to help students find a way to develop a sustainable budget for the year.