Who We Are

Carol Roderick

Carol Roderick, PhD

113 McCaul St, 5th Floor, MCC 501E
(416) 977-6000, ext: 2787

I joined OCAD University in July 2012 as the first manager of the Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre (FCDC). I am really enjoying being part of the OCAD U community, and I am regularly inspired by the commitment of faculty to providing outstanding art, design and media education. It is my goal for the FCDC to be an open, friendly and valuable resource that both respects and contributes to the teaching and learning approaches of creative practitioners. I began teaching and entered the field of educational development more than a decade ago when, after completing a degree in biology and aquatic resources, I realized I was more interested in working with people than with fish. I have a real curiosity for how students learn and how, as educators, we can support student growth and development. I am looking forward to working together to create meaningful learning experiences for our students.

Cary DiPietro

Cary DiPietro, PhD

Senior Educational Developer (Curriculum)
113 McCaul St, 5th Floor, MCC 522
(416) 977-6000, ext: 2661

Before coming to OCAD U in 2013, I taught in higher education at different universities in Canada, England and Japan. As an educational developer with a focus on curriculum, my role is to help program chairs and faculty in defining program and course-level learning outcomes, and aligning those outcomes with OCAD U’s degree-level expectations. I support faculty in the development of teaching and learning activities, assignments and assessments. In addition, I support curriculum development for the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) initiative. You may find me on campus facilitating a curriculum mapping exercise or leading a workshop on assessment criteria and grading rubrics.

Joe Lipsett

Joe Lipsett, MA

Educational Developer (Faculty Development)
113 McCaul St, 5th Floor, MCC 518
(416) 977-6000, ext: 2660

I joined the FCDC in 2014, with ten years of experience working in educational development at several Canadian universities, as well as in Australia. My areas of expertise are peer-based and active learning, as well as the development of teaching dossiers and working with student feedback. In my role as educational developer, faculty development, I support and promote teaching excellence at OCAD U, in addition to providing rich professional development opportunities tailored to your needs.

Before I came to OCAD U, I worked as a sessional instructor in film studies at Carleton University, and taught genre courses on slashers, science fiction, dystopia, teen and cult films. My personal research interests are in TV studies and fandom, particularly relating to contemporary serialized television. I invite you to stop by my office if you want to document your teaching, pursue a teaching award or simply wish to peruse my collection of books on anime, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and cult television. 

Travis Freeman

Travis Freeman, MFA

Educational Developer (Technology Enabled Learning)
113 McCaul St, 5th Floor, MCC 501F
(416) 977-6000, ext: 3358

My professional life has been dedicated to education and the arts. After completing my BFA, I taught art in public schools to primary and secondary students. I continued my studies at the University of Minnesota, where I completed an MFA and taught courses in painting and drawing. I came to OCAD U in December 2014 to work in the Office of Continuing Studies, and joined the FCDC in February 2016. At the FCDC, I continue to pursue the idea that art and design can make the world a better place by working on several initiatives to further teaching and learning at OCAD University. I also support faculty in creating online learning experiences for their courses. I encourage you to contact me to discuss your ideas, challenges and goals.

Natasha Holmes

Natasha Holmes, BA

Program Coordinator
113 McCaul St, 5th Floor, MCC 501D
(416) 977-6000, ext: 2786

As the program coordinator for the FCDC and the WLC, I provide administrative support as well as program coordination for both departments. Working closely with our student staff, I help make sure that our centres are welcoming and helpful. I hold a BA in business management, and I have worked at OCAD U for over five years, starting out in the Office of the Registrar as assistant (information and records). Here at the FCDC, you may find me working with staff members on their events, setting up student feedback on course surveys or working on many administrative processes. My goal is to create administrative processes and procedures that align with both centres' practices, and help streamline projects, events and services effectively and efficiently.