Nomination Form - 2018 Teaching Excellence Awards

Complete the following form to nominate a faculty member or TA for a 2018 Teaching Excellence award. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible to help the selection committee. For convenience: you may find it easier to write out your nomination, then copy and paste it into the text boxes.

You may address any of the following areas:

  • how they motivate students to learn
  • how they create a respectful, equitable learning environment 
  • how they communicate clearly (in person/online)
  • how they facilitate activities, discussion, and/or critiques
  • how they connect course content to the world outside of the classroom/studio  
  • any materials/resources they have created to help students learn
  • any exceptional or innovative teaching methods or assignments
  • the quality of the written and oral feedback on assignments students receive
  • how they use technology to help students learn
  • how they collect and respond to student feedback about the course and their teaching 
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