Feedback on teaching initiatives

The following Feedback on teaching Initiatives complement the end of term Student Feedback on Courses survey. Each initiative encourages a dialogue about teaching and identifies areas of strength and areas for growth in your teaching. For a more thorough description of the individual benefits of each initiative, please click here (PDF).

Mid-semester student feedback

What is it? An opportunity to collect student feedback on teaching at the half way point of the semester. Simply ask a trusted student to read the instructions and allow 7 to 10 minutes for students to complete the brief, anonymous, tailored (if desired) student survey around weeks 6 - 8 of your course. Students will deposit their feedback in an envelope that is sealed and returned to faculty, who can review independently or in consultation with an FCDC Educational Developer.

Classroom observations

What is it? FCDC staff or a peer attends a minimum of one hour of a class of your choice to observe your teaching. The observer will provide you with written feedback and a consultation to outline areas of strength and areas for growth. You can also request to be videotaped so that you can review your classroom teaching experience at a later date.

* Not recommended for the first or last week of class


What is it? A small number of participants (maximum 5-6) each teaches the group for a brief, fixed period of time. Following each lesson, observers will provide the facilitator with feedback on their areas of strength and areas for growth. The lesson is also captured on video so that you can revisit your microteaching lesson at a later date.


For further details and/or to register for any of the three Feedback on Teaching initiatives (or a combination) please contact FCDC at