Student Feedback on Courses support

The Student Feedback on Courses process at OCAD U is designed to help gather formative feedback from students that can be used towards on-going improvements in the quality of course design and delivery, as well as student learning experiences. 

Summer 2017 - (May to August)

Please note that there will be no Student Feedback on Courses process for Summer 2017 (May to August).   Faculty may contact Joe Lipsett in the Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre to discuss alternative ways to collect summative/end of course student feedback.


Support for students

Support for faculty

Question Personalization

Administering the Survey

Examining Survey Results

Strategies for collecting feedback from students earlier in the course

Consider collecting informal Mid-Semester Student Feedback (MSSF) at the halfway point (weeks 4-8) of your course. This has the benefit of turning the Student Feedback on Courses survey into a summative piece that closes the discussion you began with students weeks before. More information is available HERE

Strategies for addressing feedback from Student Feedback on Courses

FCDC is committed to working with you to understand the feedback you receive through the Student Feedback on Courses process, and to help you use the feedback to enhance future course offerings. The following SEEQ guides were developed in consultation with OCAD University faculty and provide best practices and strategies for each SFC category:

If you would like to set up an individual consultation to discuss the results of your SFC survey, please contact FCDC at