Work requests

Facilities, maintenance and operational related concerns or service requests requiring action must be directed to or by calling (416) 977-600 ext.600. Individuals can also leave messages at extension 600 on any campus telephone.

Services requests

Facilities & Studio Services will respond to water leaks, temperature issues, light bulb replacement, small office moves, set ups for classrooms/meetings/special events, campus cleaning services, plumbing, electrical repairs and the removal of recyclable or hazardous waste.

Work requests are converted to a work order and a reference number is issued to the individual submitting the work requests. Work requests are placed in queue via priority, are scheduled and coordinated by the Work Request Coordinator.

Factors that impact the work order process:

  • Timing of the requested submission - A minimum of forty-eight (48) hours is required to effectively manage most requests
  • Priority and need – OCAD University’s objectives and strategic initiatives are considered before any work is initiated, large or small
  • Availability of staff and funding allocation – Size of the campus and the resources have a direct effect on task initiation and completion
  • Life-cycle of the system or components

If you are unclear about a request, please contact the Work Request Coordinator at extension 600 or any of the support staff in Facilities & Studio Services.

Emergency and after hours contacts:

If an emergency arises after Facilities & Studio Services normal business hours, weekends and holidays, please contact Campus Security Services at (416) 977-6000,ext. 366.

Billable versus non-billable

Charges are not applied to regularly scheduled maintenance, general repairs and replacements of parts to original building structures, systems and components. 

Charges can apply to discretionary requests of service involving non-maintenance and operational type requests to a specific department.  Equipment not specific to parts of the building system for which the Facilities Planning & Management department does not have full operating control even if it was installed at the time of construction and  added later. It is the direct responsibility of the department that controls and utilizes the equipment to fund, maintain and repair it as required.

Submit work order

Billable services

  • Hanging of items in your office (e.g., white boards, pictures)
  • Wall repairs and painting due to the relocation of items on the wall
  • Re-keying of locks, new/replacement keys, all set-up activities for special events including: table and chair set-up, hanging of banners, electrical support, turning off irrigation, extra need for clean up during or after events outside of the Facilities Planning & Management staff operational hours
  • New window treatments (e.g., shades, blinds)
  • Maintenance or installation of departmental owned equipment including desk lamps
  • Painting requests involving accent walls and common areas
  • New or redesigned HVAC equipment that is not on the university's Capital Projects Improvement budget list
  • All building alterations or improvements that are not part of the university's Capital Projects Improvement budget list
  • Carpet replacement other than for safety reasons or that is not part of the university's Capital Projects improvement request
  • Furniture acquisition and repair (unless specifically funded by the university)
  • Additional requests for trash collection and custodial support outside of the cleaning schedule
  • Removal of refrigerators or bio-hazard materials off site
  • Retraction of seating within MCA 190 and MCA 230 will incur a cost to the department or student group

Non-billable services

  • Set-up for activities or special events including: table & chair set-up, hanging of banners, electrical support, turning off irrigation, extra need for clean up during the Facilities & Studio Services staff standard operational hours 
  • Room booking/facility rental
  • Cleaning and polishing of public areas, restrooms, classrooms, studios, workshops, labs and lecture halls
  • Flooring maintenance and replacement, shampooing public area carpets
  • Interior and exterior graffiti removal within twenty- four (24) hours of reporting 
  • Weekly office cleaning
  • Basic pest extermination
  • Recyclable and waste removal
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Furniture maintenance, repair and replacement [resource permitting]
  • Moving activities including the disposal of equipment or furniture
  • Snow removal/landscaping
  • Office moves (approved by the university as part of a space renovation project)

Charge-out rates: If you are uncertain about a service request, contact the Work Request Coordinator at or leave a message at extension 600 on any campus telephone.