Distribution Services

Distribution Services provides daily campus pick-up and delivery of all internal and external university mail, including processing all incoming and outgoing Canada Post mail, courier packages scheduled to be sent out by shipping and receiving and fax services.

Service also includes the delivery of small items such as library books and related materials through the Inter-University Transit System (IUTS) or transportation of large items such as tables, chairs and other classroom/studio equipment.

If you require assistance, we can be reached at:

Distribution Services Support Team
416-977-6000, Ext. 1234

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(MCA 239) Level 2, 100 McCaul St. (near the central receiving area)

Incoming Canada Post mail

All incoming Canada Post mail addressed to OCAD University is delivered and sorted in Distribution Services at 100 McCaul St. All sorted mail is delivered throughout the day, after 9 a.m., to the appropriate departments on campus.

All mail addressed to OCAD University is the property of OCAD University. Distribution Services may, in its discretion, reject any mail it deems personal. All undesignated mail or unidentified mail will be opened in the presence of the Manager of Campus Operations, or an assigned designate, Distribution Services Coordinator; and the Distributions Services clerk.

External mail

All Canada Post mail leaving the campus must have the correct mailing address information as well as a return address and recipient name.

University mailing address:
OCAD University
Sender’s name
Title and/or Department
100 McCaul St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1W1

Departmental mail-out process

  1. Address all documents, letters, parcels and bundle them based on destination (domestic, United States or international).
  2. Fill out your department account code and contact information on forms provided.
  3. Leave the bundles in the mail pick-up location designated by your department. If you aren’t sure about the pickup location, please see your department administrator.
  4. Departments who incur chargeback on a regular basis will be billed.

Interoffice mail

Interoffice mail sent within OCAD University from one building to another will be transported free of charge. All interoffice mail should be addressed to include the name of the recipient, department and building.


Distribution Services staff accept and process packages from staff and outside vendors. All the information identifying  packages is properly identified; departmental address, building number or purchase order number and if possible, the name of the individual who placed the order is carefully logged.

All packages must be university-related. Distribution Services may, at its discretion, reject any packages it deems personal and non-university related.

Packages are received daily from all courier vendors:

  • Canada Post
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Purolator

Parcels and large deliverables must be correctly addressed:
OCAD University
(Your department's name)
100 McCaul St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1W1
Attention: Recipient’s name/phone number

Campus delivery

Distribution Services staff delivers packages and parcels to departments on campus. A signature acknowledging receipt of  deliverables is required. This is to guarantee proof of delivery (POD) as a means of tracking parcels throughout the campus.

  • Check contents: open packages immediately to verify the quantities are correct and verify that the content condition is acceptable.
  • Test electronics: make sure it is in good working condition; verify electrical and technical function.

Thoroughly inspect shipped items for damages, check the packing slips orders and report any damages or discrepancies within 24 hours distributionservices@ocadu.ca and the purchasing agent accountspayable@ocadu.ca

Fragile/oversize shipments:  As Distribution Services is responsible for the receipt of items into our care, we ask that when ordering items some considerations be taken or items can be refused. Before placing your order, please consider the following:

  • Shipment weight: Distribution Services will not accept deliveries or single units larger than 5000 pounds.
  • Shipment size: Items must fit transport vehicles and elevators.
  • Department access: Simple rule: does it go through your door? Does it fit in the elevator?  It is the department’s responsibility that such items reach their final location.
  • Fragile shipments: To order fragile/sensitive equipment, ask the purchasing department to make arrangements to limit potential delivery risks. Distribution services staff make an assessment on a one-on-one basis, to determine if special handling is required.
  • Missed delivered parcels: Call us immediately if you receive a parcel in error. Failure to do so may result in the department being charged for the full value of the merchandise.
  • Personal parcels: We do not accept personal parcels and are not responsible for damage or loss of such items.


Inter-University Transit System (IUTS) transport courier service provided by the COU (Council of Ontario Universities) is created to ensure the safe and secure exchange of books and mail between universities in Ontario and related organizations.

All IUTS shipments must have an IUTS, CANPAR waybill. Waybills can be obtained by contacting  Distributionservices@ocadu.ca.

Couriered items and large packages courier/transport

  • Departments are required to bring their mail or small packages to Distribution Services, 100 McCaul St., MCA 239. A special request for pick-up of a large courier item can be phoned in to Distribution Services. Special efforts are made to accommodate the department, 24-hour notice is required.
  • Every envelope or package going out must have a courier waybill prepared.Courier forms are available from Distribution Services.
  • Shipping items via courier is up to the discretion of Distribution Services.
  • Department must appear on the waybill. The only exception is for a collection.
  • All courier packages must be in the shipping department by 12:30 p.m.