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Student presentation of graduate level game design, 2012. Photo by Christina Gapic.

Experiential Learning Program

Provides students with the opportunity to participate in for-credit learning placements, and develop a foundation for long-term success.

Student presentation of graduate level game design, 2012. Photo by Christina Gapic.

Experiential Learning: Placements for Students

Students at OCAD U can apply in-class studies in a professional context by pursuing an Experiential Learning Placement for academic credit. 

Students' options for Experiential Learning Placements are to either enrol in a placement-integrated course (Curricular Placement) or self-initiate a Field Placement


When considering Experiential Learning Placement options, students should contact:

Placement Program Coordinator: Farihah Shah,

Curricular Placements

OCAD U offers several placement-integrated undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Art, Faculty of Design, and Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences/School of Interdisciplinary Studies. The list of courses can be found on the right side of this page. Each course is led by a Faculty Instructor and supported by the Experiential Learning Placement Program for professional development and Placement Partner connections. To earn academic credit, students are expected to commit to 80 - 120 supervised placement hours and complete in-class assignments and presentations. 

Field Placements

Field Placement is intended for independent Undergraduate and Graduate students who self-initiate contact with their Placement Partner Organization. Like Curricular Placements, Field Placement focuses on mentorship and on-site learning under the guidance of the Placement Supervisor. Students are evaluated by their OCADU Faculty Supervisor for academic credit, on an individual, self-initiated basis.

Field Placement

Extra-curricular paid internships

Students can pursue internships outside of their OCADU studies, which offer compensation other than credit. It is recommended that a paid internship not conflict with your course load, that it be relevant to your professional/academic interests and that there is a joint commitment towards mentorship. These kinds of opportunities can be self-generated, or located via employment postings, such as those on the OCAD U Talent Network.

Undergraduate Placement Courses

Learning in the Field: CROS-3011, CROS-3012

Design Internship: GDES 3104

Plugged-In: DIGF 2010

Art & Design Education Lab: Art Gallery of Ontario: CROS 3008

Art & Design Education Lab: Community Leadership: CROS 4001

Field Placement (student-initiated and self-directed)


Accessing Placements Fund

Doing an Experiential Learning Placement but concerned about whether you can afford it?
The Accessing Placements Fund is a funding initiative for students doing an Experiential Learning Placement who may face financial barriers to get the most out of their for-credit learning opportunity. The Accessing Placements Fund awards students with up to $150 to help cover related costs so that students can fully engage in their placement.
If you have questions about the fund or the application process, please email Alexandra Hong, Project Officer, Experiential Learning at or call at 416.977.6000 ext. 3708.

Application Deadline

  • Applications for the Fall 2018 Term will be accepted between: Sep. 5 - Dec. 4, 2018
  • Applications for the Winter 2019 Term will be accepted between: Jan. 7 - Apr. 23, 2019

Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

How to Apply


Experiential Learning Placements Program: Academic Policy

Students, faculty and placement partners are encouraged to become familiar with OCAD U's Experiential Learning Placements Program academic policy in order to understand the processes and parameters which define how for-credit placements are approached.


Create Opportunity

Students, faculty and placement partners can also download our guide to the Experiential Learning Placements Program at OCAD U called Create Opportunity (pdf)

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