Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Academic Accommodation?

Refers to a planned variation in the way a student with a disability receives course curriculum and materials, participates in course activities, or demonstrates competency of course content and skills through evaluation and assessment.

What is a Disability?

The definition of ‘disability’ is as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code.

What are Essential Requirements?

Essential requirements are the learning outcomes, or skills, knowledge or attributes that must be achieved at a designated level in order for a student to be successful in the course. In order to achieve a learning outcome, there are usually a series of learning tasks or objectives that must be undertaken. It is often with these learning tasks/objectives that students require academic accommodations.

What are Functional Impacts/Limitations?

Functional Impacts/Limitations are areas of difficulty, for example in the area of Cognitive Skills/Abilities, Physical Skills/Abilities and Social‐Emotional Skills/Abilities, that are caused by a disability and affect academic performance. Functional Impacts/Limitations are used to identify reasonable academic accommodations.

What are my responsibilities as a Course Instructor or TA?

Please refer to the Policy on Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (PDF) for information
pertaining to the responsibilities of Course Instructors and TAs.

I am concerned about a student’s academic performance. What should I do?

If you feel the student may have a disability that is impacting their academic performance, please inform the student of the services/supports available at Student Accessibility Services. Please do not ask the student for personal health information.