• View routine layout of the level 3 
  • If a different layout is needed for the event, use the floorplan to draw/sketch the layout of your event placement of furniture, installed exhibits, equipment, etc. Layout changes will require the approval of the CEAD beforehand and can be submitted to Once approved, layout requests can be sent to for set-up. Please note that layout changes and furniture move may result in an additional cost.
  • When setting up your floor plan, please consider the following:
    • Do not block exits or ramps.
    • Allow a minimum of 6’ (or 72”) clearance for scooter or power wheel chair accessibility at entry and exit points, particularly for the main door and washroom entrances.
    • Allow a minimum of 3’ 6” (or 43”) walk through spaces around exhibits and a maximum of 0.83’ or (10”) around non-walk through/around exhibits.
    • Do not hang anything from the ceiling. Materials cannot be nailed or mounted to drywall.


The access agreement is to confirm the usage of specific facilities located within 115 McCaul Street, level 3, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers. Rooms 303 (Special Projects), 307a (Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers office) and 307b (Storage) are not included in this agreement and may be in use by OCAD University during this event. Levels 1 and 2 are thesis/capstone workspaces and may be in used by OCAD U students during this event.

The terms of this agreement are subject to coordination between the user and the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers. The user shall adhere to the deadlines, provide a complete scope of work, a schedule, and installation floor plan with details to the CEAD for approval.

Damages will NOT be permitted to any surface (walls, floors or ceilings). The user will be responsible for ALL costs of repair and shall return all spaces and furniture to the “as found” condition.

The user shall be expected to adhere to all electrical, structural, weight/load issues), health and safety regulations, the Ontario building code, fire and life safety requirements, and including all University policies that are readily accessible online for review. Failure to adhere to existing venue restrictions and the approved layouts will terminate the usage agreement.

Students requesting to book space at the Centre may require a faculty/staff sponsor.

The CEAD reserves the right to approve or deny requests. Failure to provide the necessary information may result in the withdrawal of the venue.

The User is responsible for:

Coordination and costs of:

  • Staff supervision of event 100% of the time
  • All cleaning services rendered for the facilities as part of the take down process
  • Security services dedicated to crowd control and/or for licensed events, e.g. special occasion permit costs and security costs
  • All AV/IT requirements (please email at least 2 weeks in advance)
  • Insurance for contents (IP protection if needed), obtain waivers and other permissions and abide by OCADU’s standard insurance policy.

Coordination of all work, including:

  • All labour and materials required to execute the exhibition/event
  • Furniture and layout requirements. Email for approval and distribution at for set-up at least 2 weeks in advance for internal requests
  • Access requirements (please email at least 1 week in advance for any door card, card access, including public access

Community Animator is responsible for:

  • Booking the facilities on the University’s Room Booking Portal
  • Arranging for door/card access for the user (once requirements are received from User)
  • Informing security team of event
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*Please indicate set-up and take down times; *Events outside of our operating hours may require a guard request to be submitted to Security at an additional cost.
Space required
AV needed
*The CEAD is able to provide one movable projector on a cart, one small mic and speaker and a movable TV. For additional AV needs, submit a ticket to AV Equipment Loans (internal requests).
Guest Wifi
* Events with alcohol will require three guards to be present for the duration of the entire event, an SOP and Smart Serve trained staff to be coordinated by the User. Refer to OCAD U’s Guard Request for further info.

By submitting this Venue Request , I acknowledge acceptance of the above Terms of Agreement and Charges.

We will respond to your request within three business days.