Work/Place Program

The Work/Place Program is a co-curricular experiential learning initiative for students employed on the OCAD U campus. Students who participate will be included in events and offered resources that will help as they advocate for themselves in relationship to future professional goals.

In recognition of participating in the Work/Place program, students receive recognition from OCAD University through a limited-edition enameled pin designed by an OCAD U alumni.

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Program Overview

The Work/Place transforms on-campus employment into an experiential learning opportunity by connecting on-campus employment to activities and services offered by the CEAD. The program fosters an environment where students can develop skills, set goals, and take action in relationship to their future professional aspirations.

The program offers a framework of activities that is connected to working on campus which occurs in the following stages:

Stage one: Take Stock & Set Goals. Stage two: Check-In & Iterate. Stage 3: Capture & Share.

To receive the exclusvie pin, students must complete one activity in each of the three stages.

Completion of activities is tracked via a Canvas course. Opportunities, events and activities are added throughout the year to the Canvas course. You can select and complete the activities in any order, and at any time before April 20, 2020.

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Work/Place Pins

Work/Place commissions one-of-a-kind pins from OCAD U alumni. 2019-20 participants can select a pin from the following available pins:

Work Place Pins 2019-20 by Ness Lee, Winnie Truong, and Chief Lady Bird

Work/Place Themes

While there are many opportunities for learning and growth while working on campus, the Work/Place program identifies three key categories, and a variety of proficiencies, that students can focus on:

Personal Development: Developing knowledge and skills important to personal growth. This includes expanding your self-awareness, organizational skills, and communication skills.

Professional Development: Developing skills important to your professional goals. This includes establishing an understanding of professional conduct, setting priorities, and building your creative practice.

Civic and Social Engagement: Developing skills, knowledge and ways of navigating the world as a civic minded individual. For example, building capacity within a community through skills-sharing, or furthering intercultural competency and inclusivity.

Throughout the program, students can refer to these themes to reflect and frame their experiences.

Program Timeline

The 2019-20 Work/Place program is now open. You must complete all activities by April 20, 2020 to receive an Work/Place pin.

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Alexandra Hong
Project Officer
P: 416 977-6000 ext. 3708