Experiential Learning Toolkit

Resources for Placements Students and Faculty

Your activities at your Placement are only one part of your Experiential Learning – the tip of the iceberg. To get the most out of your Placement – before, during, after – you need to make connections between those activities, your skills, the people you’re working with, your creative and professional self, your questions and your goals. Reflection allows you to make these connections.

Reflecting on your Placement experience is essential to your learning: the Experiential Learning Toolkit offers resources for identifying, documenting, connecting, and thinking critically about your Placement Experience.

A Typical

An overview to help you plan your Placement and professional development activities.


Mapping your experience

Connect the dots between your Placement activities and to learn how you can apply your skills to future opportunities.


Setting Benchmarks

Learning to set achievable goals throughout your placement will guide your ongoing professional development.


Suggested Activities

Choose (and develop your own) critical reflection activities that best match your personal learning style and goals.


Tips for Reflection

Ideas for gaining a deeper understanding of your placement experience through reflection.


Video Resources

Watch our interview video series and get a sense of what other students and employers have learned.



Intro Questionnaire
For students starting the Placement process: Help us help you by telling us more about yourself, your skills, interests, and goals. This questionnaire can also help you reflect and take stock before starting your placement.

Feedback Guide
For students and Placement employers: Exchanging critical feedback at the end of the placement is part of the learning experience. This guide can frame your conversation at the end of the placement. Taking a look at it at the beginning of a placement can help you establish professional development goals.

Risk Management

Partner Agreement
Institutional partnership contract between OCAD University and Placement Partner, outlining responsibilities, occupational health and safety requirements and intellectual property.

Student Agreement
Institutional code of conduct and contract between OCAD U student and Placement employer, outlining responsibilities, occupational health and safety training, and intellectual property.

Application Forms

Accessing Placements Fund
All students enrolled in an Experiential Learning Placement are eligible to apply for the Accessing Placements Fund.

Undergraduate Field Placement Application
Undergraduate students interested in enrolling in Field Placement must return a completed application to the Placements Program Coordinator at explearning@ocadu.ca.

Graduate Field Placement Application
Graduate students interested in enrolling in Field Placement must return a completed application to the Placements Program Coordinator at explearning@ocadu.ca.


Farihah Shah
Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning Placements
E: fshah@ocadu.ca
P: 416 977-6000 ext. 2855

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