Experiential Learning Program:
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As a creative university, OCAD U offers Experiential Learning Placements instead of traditional “co-ops” or internships, prioritizing mentorship, experimentation, and self-reflection. Our placements enable students to explore the diversity of roles and opportunities that exist in the creative sector.

The Experiential Learning Program team bridges students with Placement partners through an individualized process, to develop opportunities for employers to bring fresh perspectives to the workplace, and for students to contribute their skills and reflect on meaningful cultural production.

OCAD U Create Opportunity

Download Create Opportunity a detailed guide to OCAD U’s Experiential Learning Placements.

Basic Parameters

  • OCAD U students enroll to do a Learning Placement and earn academic credit - payment is not required
  • Duration: 80 – 120 hours (part-time) within an academic term (typically 12 weeks)
  • Placement Employer provides supervision and mentorship
  • OCAD U faculty supervisor provides academic coaching and evaluation
  • Experiential Learning Program team provides professional development advising and placement facilitation
  • Refer to the Experiential Learning Toolkit for tools and resources for hosting a student’s Experiential Learning Placement.

Institutional Partnership Agreement Forms

Partner Agreement
This is the agreement between the Placement partner and OCAD U.

Student Agreement
This is the agreement between the Placement partner and the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

An OCAD U student has asked me to host their Placement, what’s next?

Please connect with the Experiential Learning Program team: our role is to ensure that Placements meet OCAD U’s program requirements for experiential learning and risk management.

Please contact Serena Lee, Experiential Learning Coordinator, slee@ocadu.ca.

Can placement employers apply for the Co-Operative Education Tax Credit?

OCAD U does not have a formal co-op program and since we do not mandate that Placements are paid, Placement Partners do not qualify for a tax credit.

What is the difference between OCAD U’s Experiential Learning Placements and traditional co-op or internships?

The major difference is that OCAD U’s Learning Placements prioritize learning over work. Each OCAD U student goes into the Placement with learning outcomes and deliverables that are reflected upon and assessed for academic credit.

How can I hire an OCAD U student for paid work?

Talent Network: Employers can recruit OCAD U talent through the Talent Network, our exclusive job portal for current OCAD U students and alumni.

Career Development: Our colleagues in Career Development are available to discuss unique paid opportunities for OCAD U students and alumni.

The Experiential Learning Program and Career Development operate cohesively within OCAD U’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers offering a continuum support for current students, recent graduates, and alumni.

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Farihah Shah
Program Coordinator, Experiential Learning Placements
E: fshah@ocadu.ca
P: 416 977-6000 ext. 2855