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Building meaningful, lasting relationships within the communities and industries that matter to you is an important step towards early career success as you transition out of school.

There are a number of ways the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD) facilitates professional connections for students both in and outside of OCAD U, including a professional dinner series, employer information sessions, online social platforms, or individual opportunities for mentorship, such as the OCAD U Hub on

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Ten Thousand Coffees is an online mentoring and networking platform that’s used by emerging talent and professionals around the globe. Join the exclusive OCAD U Hub on Ten Thousand Coffees to meet fellow students, recent graduates and experienced alumni who are now professionals in their field. Discover OCAD U alumni, ask questions, receive guidance, share experiences, and easily schedule a time to meet in person.

Use your Ten Thousand Coffees account to learn about different careers and meet other students, alumni and professionals in your field. Maybe even form a relationship with a mentor! That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to join the OCAD U Hub - a place for you to develop new connections!

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Zviko Mhakayakora
Special Projects Coordinator, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers