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Design Charrettes, or “sprints”, are an extra-curricular opportunity to address real-world design challenges. Facilitated by the Centre For Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD), 5–10 current students are brought together to apply their creative and critical thinking skills in response to a design brief. Created in collaboration with industry partners and supported by expert faculty members who facilitate discussion and feedback, charrettes are one-to-three-day engagements aimed at brainstorming and prototyping new ideas, visuals or products. They also present an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration by students from across the university.

Students and faculty are compensated for their participation. Charrettes can take place September – May and are planned a minimum of 2-4 months prior.

Past Charrettes

Baycrest Health Sciences: Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation
Logo Design Competition

Baycrest Health Sciences: Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation

The Centre for Aging & Brain Health Innovation (C-ABHI) sought inspiration for a new logo which would help build a local and global brand awareness of C-ABHI as a leading solution accelerator for ageing and brain health innovation. The design challenge was to inspire C-ABHI and capture the impact of their mission, vision, programs and services.

Faculty Representatives: Nancy Snow

Winner: Kate McDermott

Trudell Medical
Packaging Design Competition

Trudell Medical

Trudell Medical International engaged students in a design challenge to conceptualize a unique packaging design for a new and innovative product that aimed to improve quality of sleep and alleviate Acute Mountain Sickness for mountaineers and trekkers. The packaging form needed to complement the device and the challenge was to design a highly appealing package that also embraced minimalism, practicality, and spoke to the intrinsic needs and sensitivities of the target audience, such as minimising environmental impact.

Faculty Representatives: Stuart Werle and Kathleen Anne Parle

Winner: Tito Nunes

Student Design Challenge


Scotties asked student designers to create their very own tissue box design, featuring their own photography or illustration. Students put their considerable talents to work as they answered the challenge with originality and skill. Watch the YouTube video here.

Faculty Representative: Stuart Werle

OCAD U Winner: Michaela Halpern 
Runner-up: Ana Altamira 

How does it work?


Are you a student or faculty member who would like to be involved in a future Design Charrette? Please contact us and include “Design Charrette” in the subject line. Be sure to tell us which program you are from and what particular skills or experience you would like to contribute.


Does your business or organisation have a design challenge which needs to be addressed? Want to engage a group of talented creative students to solve a problem or bring a fresh perspective? We can help.

To begin the conversation around organising a new Design Charrette, contact us and please include “Design Charrette” in the subject line.


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