Students and faculty: create your Format portfolio

OCAD U + Format

OCAD University has developed an exciting partnership with Format to provide online portfolios for students and faculty so that they can effectively showcase creative content using a sophisticated, customizable platform.

This partnership provides active, registered students and current teaching faculty with the opportunity to build a portfolio using Format's services on a no-fee basis.

How does it work?

While you remain a student or faculty member at OCAD U, this service will be offered to you at no cost. For students, after graduation, this service will remain free for a period of six months. Thereafter, you will be provided with the option to transition your account to one of Format's fee-based packages, or discontinue the services altogether.

The use of Format's services is entirely voluntary, and is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy they have set out on their sign-in pages.

How can I get started?

Visit to get started using your OCAD U credentials.

What help do you offer?

The Career Development office will be offering workshops on how to use Format and make the most of the many options available to you within the services. More information can be found on our Workshops page

As well, you can watch a short, but thorough, walkthrough of how to use Format via this link to a video on OCAD U's YouTube channel.

Have a question or comment?

You are eligible to receive the same support other users of Format receive, by or emailing

In addition, you can complete and submit the form below or e-mail Career Development with any issues or concerns at

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