Sponsorship & Support

OCAD University orientation and welcome—O-DAYS!—welcomes nearly 1,000 first-year undergraduate students each September.

While O-DAYS! activities help our students make connections with peers, faculty and staff, our orientation and welcome also encourages connection between the student population and the businesses, services and products available in the nearby community for the next four years and beyond.

There are a number of ways local businesses like yours can get involved.
Now is the time to build your connection!


Sponsorship & Support Package 2019

Opportunities, benefits, and vendor-policy details:
Download a 2019 Sponsorship & Support Package (PDF) 

New fillable vendor agreement form:
Download a fillable 2019 Vendor Agreement form (PDF)

Thank you for supporting O-DAYS!



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    Campus Life Coordinator
    Student Success Programs
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