About Student Mentoring

The first year of university can be overwhelming. With this in mind, the Student Mentor Program is designed to create a positive student experience and enhance personal growth and academic success for all participants:

  • By assisting new and first-year students with their transition to OCAD U.
  • By encouraging community involvement and engagement between new and first-year students and their faculty and peers in social and learning activities.
  • By recognizing and supporting a diverse environment in which all members, regardless of race, colour, place of origin, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religious beliefs or socioeconomic status, feel equally welcomed and acknowledged.

How does it work?

The program runs from June through to November. New and first-year students are encouraged to sign up (anytime between May and September) as a "Student Mentee" and get matched with a "Peer Mentor" who will provide support, guidance and information regarding university procedures, student services and extracurricular activities, while encouraging engagement with community, peers, faculty and staff .

Become a Student Mentee
Become a Peer Mentor