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What are art electives?

Art electives may be chosen from any of the following subject areas:

ASOC – Art & Social Change

BUSI – Business

CRCP – Criticism and Curatorial Practice

CROS – Cross-Disciplinary Art

DIGF – Digital Futures

DRPT – Drawing and Painting

FABR – Fabrication Studios

INTM – Integrated Media

LIFE – Life Studies

MAAD – Material Art & Design (maximum 1.5 credits)

PHOT – Photography

PRNT – Printmaking

SCIN – Sculpture/Installation

You can search for electives by subject in the Course Catalog in My OCAD U Records.

Students wishing to take an elective in any other subject area must meet with their program Chair for approval. The proposed elective course should have relevance to the student’s studies.

Please note that some courses are worth 0.5 credit or 1.0 credit.