The Reuse Depot

Reuse Depot Logo Design: Marisha Golas

Logo Design: Marisha Golas

The ReUse Depot is a collection of spaces for donating used but usable art & design materials and/or finding used items that will be useful to your creative practice. It’s a great opportunity for artists and designers to up-cycle, re-purpose or reuse materials that can inspire, help explore creativity, or reduce students financial burden while redirecting the material from landfills.

How it works:

Visit one of our locations and browse the selection. Take only as much as you need and will use. Donate any usable art supplies that you no longer need. Please note down the number of items you have taken or donated on the record of use sheet in the cabinet, so that we can understand the effect or success of this project.

Note on donations: We will accept any art & design supplies that are still in usable condition. We do not accept donations of books, clothing or hazardous materials.

The ReUse Depot is maintained by Learning Zone staff and has grown through collaborative partnerships between the Library’s Learning Zone, the Indigenous Visual Culture program (INVC), the Office for Diversity, Equity & Sustainability (ODESI), Facilities Planning & Management and Studio Management. The development of this project was also supported by the First Generations program, IT Services & AV Loans. For feedback and inquiries about the ReUSE Depot, please contact Marta Chudolinska, at

Re-Use Depot Locations

Photo credit: Marta Chudolinska

Photo credit: Marta Chudolinska

1 – Re-Use Depot Cabinet in the Learning Zone (113 McCaul Street, Level 1, Room 110)

Visit the self-service ReUSE Depot self-serve cupboard for drawing tools, paints, sewing materials and other small tools, or ask a Learning Zone staff member to access to the secondary ReUse Depot storage space for larger items such as newsprint pads, sheets of paper, frames and more.

Photo credit: Heather Evelyn

Photo credit: Heather Evelyn

2 - ReUSE Depot cart on the 3rd floor of 100 McCaul Street (between room 362 and the IT Help Desk, room 341) Photo credit: Brian Joe

The items on this cart move fast and are always changing. Please remember to mark down the number of items you have taken or donated on the record of use sheet in the cart and keep items neat and organized for easy browsing.

3 – Several shops and studios at 100 McCaul Street have scrap bins where you can find used or scrap materials:


Foundry - Room 151

First Year Shop - Room 170

Wood Shop - Room 115

Plastics Shop - Room 117

Metal Shop - Room 122

MAAD - outside Room 201 (occasional)

Hybrid Media Lab - Room 358

DRPT Open Studio & Build Shop - Room 475

Photography - Room 409

ED and ID Shop - Room 515

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