Course Reserves

The Library's Course Reserves unit works with instructors to make course readings available to students in either print or electronic formats (e-reserves). By enabling the service within a Canvas course, instructors can submit requests for required readings to be digitized, linked or placed on physical reserve, as well as monitor the progress of request processing. This service allows students to locate and access all required course readings through Canvas, and ensures that all readings comply with copyright law and the University's digital content & reproduction licences.  

Image:  Course Reserves module and reserve readings displayed within a Canvas Course. 

The Course Reserves module displayed within a Canvas Course

Using Course Reserves, instructors can:

  • Enable students to access copyright cleared, required course readings through Canvas at no cost
  • Place required readings on reserve through an online request form linked directly to the Course Reserves system.  Typically, up to 20% of a book or full articles from journals or magazines can be processed by staff as an e-reserve (e.g. article or chapter in PDF format). Entire books can be set aside in the library for short term loan as print reserves or may be available as licensed ebooks
  • Request books and other materials be added to the library collection 
  • Track student usage of reserve readings as well as the status of submitted requests
  • Tag readings to organize them by week, assignment or by specific keywords
  • Easily clone or copy readings from a previous course iteration or from one course to another.  Note: Cloned readings will not be activated until they have been reviewed by staff for copyright/licence compliance 

Instructors interested in requesting this service for new courses should activate the Course Reserves module in Canvas (following these instructions) and submit reading requests to the Library 6 weeks prior to the start of the class to ensure sufficient time to source and process all materials, otherwise requests may be processed on a first come, first serve basis and/or by reading assignment date. Readings for courses that have been requested in previous terms can be processed more quickly, and may be requested at any time. E-reserves staff can locate and obtain reading material from universities across Ontario through interlibrary loan requests or may elect to acquire and add the material to the Library's collection. Note:  E-Reserves staff have "view only" access to Canvas courses that use the service for the purposes of ensuring the successful provision of the service.   


Victoria Riddle. Coordinator, E-Reserves & Learning Zone.  Ext. 3705

For further information, please see the Course Reserves Guide

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