Help Build our Collections

All print, AV and electronic materials at the Dorothy H. Hoover Library are collected to support the creative research needs of all members of the OCAD U community: students, staff and faculty.

To suggest a book for our collection:

  1. Print out our Book Request Form
  2. Submit completed form at the Library reference desk

For more information contact:

Chris Landry (Art and Design), 416-977-6000, Ext. 224
Daniel Payne (Art and Liberal Studies), 416-977-6000, Ext. 217

To request images or videos for our collection:

Visit the Image & Video services page.

For more information on visual resources contact:

Victoria Sigurdson (Art/Design Images and Videos), 416-977-6000, Ext. 344

Gifts and donations

Gifts and Donations Policy

Collection Guidelines

  1. Generally, the Library's collections are intended to reflect curriculum concerns.

  2. Specifically, the policy objectives underlying the development of the collections are, in order of priority:
    1. to support specific course requirements;
    2. to support general study and practical research in contemporary art and design; and
    3. to facilitate a basic understanding in areas of knowledge relating to art and design.
  3. It will be the responsibility of the Library Administration to implement these objectives with due regard to the:
    1. quality of the collections as a whole and the relative merits of specific material under consideration;
    2. university's obligations and commitments to provide equal access to students, faculty and staff with disabilities; and
    3. need to balance the priorities of the policy objectives against limitations imposed by financial, physical and other organizational factors.