Library materials in alternate formats

OCAD U graduate and undergraduate students registered with the OCAD U Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD), and staff/faculty registered with Human Resources can request materials in alternate formats.

The OCAD U Library alternate formats service will:

Order alternative formats of items in the library collection from publishers and/or repositories upon request, or transcribe and/or digitize requested materials from the library collection that are otherwise unavailable in alternate formats from external suppliers upon request.

Patrons submitting requests for alternate format materials are responsible for:

Registering with the OCAD U Centre for Students with Disabilities or Human resources before they start using the service.

Assigning a priority level to requests when either requesting multiple items or when they have other requests already in queue for processing (high volume scanning may need to be scheduled over time in order to provide equitable provision of service to all patrons requiring alternate formats).

Providing a USB key to pick up alternate format files from the Library Accessibility Services Coordinator.

Returning borrowed library materials according to their due date, or contacting the Library Accessibility Services Coordinator to request additional time.

Signing the service agreement for following copyright restrictions on alternate format materials:

  • I am a user with documented print disability registered with a disability services/human resources
  • I understand that if I sell, or redistribute materials, I may be subject to legal action. Materials obtained from this service are for my own educational purposes only.
  • I agree that once I no longer require material downloaded for my personal research or studies, I will delete the file.

Archives, rare books, and special collections materials are exempt from the AODA requirements of the IASR. The library will attempt to create or source a version in the preferred alternate format upon request, but if materials are fragile we will work with you and the CSD to identify other options for accessing these materials. The time required to complete requests for rare or special materials may exceed the standard turnaround time as the age and/or origin of these materials can restrict external sourcing and/or processing. Issues related to physical condition can prohibit physical processing into digital formats.

To learn more about our other Library Accessibility services, please see the library Accessibility page.

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