Video Services

The Library offers a number of services related to using videos in the classroom and acquiring videos for instruction.

We place videos required by faculty for classroom screenings on reserve at the library circulation desk to ensure their availability for students. 
Contact: Janice Perrin, Ext. 254;

We borrow videos for faculty from other Ontario universities for classroom screenings through a video-sharing agreement called Interfilm (when requested titles are not already held in the OCAD U Library collection). 
Contact: Janice Perrin, Ext. 254;

We purchase videos for the Library collection from artists, vendors, or distributors when unavailable via Interfilm.
Please see the sections: 
Requesting Video Purchases for the OCAD University Library 
Video Purchasing Guidelines
Contact: Victoria Sigurdson, Ext. 344;

Service timeline

If you are teaching a course requiring frequent video screenings, please contact us as soon as possible with your selected titles. We may require up to 2 weeks notice* to place materials on hold from the Library collection for screening dates. We will attempt to arrange screenings with less notice, but we may need to recall material out on loan. 

We can provide more specific information on turnaround time upon receipt of the request.

For purchasing, we require a minimum of 2 weeks notice and turnaround time is subject to vendor processing requirements and shipping options. 

If a video you require is not available in the OCAD U Library collection

Before purchasing, we will check if the video is available through the Library’s video-sharing agreement with other universities through Interfilm. To book videos/DVDs from Interfilm, generally 4 weeks* notice is required. We attempt to book titles with less notice, but the loan will be subject to the discretion of the lending institution. 
Contact: Janice Perrin, Ext. 254;

Borrowers of Interfilm materials agree to the following Interfilm Service agreement

-Faculty of OCAD U may use the Ontario Universities Interfilm Service for teaching and research purposes while on OCAD U campus.
-All films are subject to copyright. Interfilm videotapes or DVD’s may not be used for the preparation of any publication, scholarly or otherwise; or for any purpose other than teaching or research.
-Interfilm videos will not be leased, transferred, sub-licensed or otherwise distributed in whole or in part.
-Interfilm videos will not be modified, corrupted, or altered in whole or in part.

Requesting video purchases for the OCAD University Library

All acquisitions for the OCAD U Library video collection are made by Visual Resources & Special Collections, subject to the availability of funds and the Video Purchasing Guidelines below. In the interest of effective budgetary management, reimbursements are not provided from Visual Resources for video materials purchased otherwise.

Video purchasing guidelines

When evaluating video titles for acquisition, the following criteria are considered:
-Closed-captioning and descriptive video options
-The availability of the title via Interfilm from another university 
-Whether or not the title has been previewed by the requesting faculty
-The title's relevance to curriculum in multiple areas of study or the level of general interest the title presents to the OCAD U community
-Whether or not the title is intended to be used for more than one course or term of study
-The representation of the title's subject area, genre, or director by titles already held in the OCAD U Library video collection
-In terms of formats, DVDs must be available in NTSC encoding standard and playable in Region 1 or 0 (VHS titles are no longer viable for purchase)

Video equipment bookings

The Library provides DVD/players in the Library for use on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Please contact AV/IT to book classroom equipment for screening films and

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