Transparency Statement for Using Emergency Retention Mechanism


OCAD University wishes to nominate an individual to its vacant Canada Research Chair Tier 2 using the CRC Emergency Retention Mechanism. This memo is posted to fulfill the requirements set out by the Canada Research Chair Secretariat, as per instructions (see eng.aspx, section 8).

The emergency retention mechanism is being used in this case as a faculty member, whom the University wishes to retain, has indicated they are currently applying for posts at other universities. In seeking to utilize this mechanism the University has taken into consideration our new Strategic Research Plan (2019-2024), which outlines the commitment we have articulated to decolonization, diversity, equity and inclusion, as espoused in our Academic Plan. The Candidate conducts research in areas relevant to the Strategic Research Plan, notably Change, Relational approaches to place, space, and time, Critical mediations and cultural inquiries, and Making knowledge through material, form and practice. 

In seeking to use the Emergency Retention Mechanism the University has consulted with the Deans of Faculty and has taken full consideration of our equity and diversity targets. 

The use of this mechanism has been approved by: 

Dr. Caroline Langill
Interim Vice President, Academic and Provost
OCAD University
(416) 977-6000 ext. 233 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this nomination please contact: 

Dr. Robert Luke
Vice President, Research and Innovation
OCAD University
(416) 977-6000 ext. 464


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