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Employment for International Students

The Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. Your employer cannot pay you until you have this number. You also need a SIN to file Canadian taxes.

You may apply for a SIN online, and must provide the following supporting documents.

  • Your passport
  • Your valid study permit (must state you 'may accept employment' or 'may work' in Canada)
  • Your post-graduation work permit (for those who have graduated)
  • Proof of address (you can download your fees statement through the Student Finance section of the MyOCADU Self-Service Portal.)

If you are currently outside of Canada, you can provide an international mailing address with a proof of international address that matches. The SIN can be mailed to your country of residence if your proof of address is accepted, and all requirements are met. Note that you may need to send Service Canada your original documents.

A SIN is also your personal identifying number. It should not be used by anyone else other than yourself, so please make sure you store your SIN information in a safe place as you are responsible for protecting your SIN.

For more information, please visit Service Canada

There are a limited number of on-campus jobs available for international students through the Campus Employment Program for International Students (CEPIS). CEPIS is a work/study program designed to provide students with financial assistance through part-time paid employment on campus at OCAD U. The program provides students with a valuable opportunity a gain and enhance skills and obtain work experience in Canadian context.

To be considered for CEPIS in the Fall and Winter terms, you must:

  • be an international degree-seeking student (undergraduate or graduate level)
  • have a valid study permit
  • be registered in full-time studies in both fall and winter terms
  • complete the CEPIS online eligibility check

To be eligible for CEPIS in the Spring/Summer 2024 term, you must:

  • be an international degree-seeking student (undergraduate or graduate level)
  • have a valid study permit
  • have been registered in full-time studies in Winter 2024 and be planning to return to full-time studies in Fall 2024 (except if Spring/Summer 2024 is their final term)
  • not be graduating in May 2024
  • complete the Spring/Summer 2024 CEPIS online eligibility check

After confirming your eligibility, you may apply to CEPIS jobs posted on the OCAD U Talent Network. You may only apply for job posting that's open to international students.

Note: CEPIS runs during the Fall and Winter Terms (September to April) and Spring/Summer Term (May to August).

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