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Orality and Function - Field Study: Ghana, West Africa

Ghana West Africa banner with call for submission dates, colourful and patterned boarder with ghana flag and painted mural

Orality and Function - Field Study: Ghana, West Africa 

Course Code: CRWR – 3897 – 501 (TBC)

Course Description: In this writing and performance intensive course, students from a range of backgrounds and artistic mediums explore themes such as: artivism (activism + art), oral literary traditions, sustainability and art utilitarianism.  

Students will engage in research and development of literary pieces which utilize skills, techniques, and best practices from a series of workshops, lectures and in person engagements.  

The course also involves an experiential learning experience in Ghana West Africa where students will participate in guest lectures, performance opportunities and attendance at the Chale Wote (arts) Festival. 

Please note that the travel location of this course may not be fully accessible, for more information please contact lecturer Ian Keteku: