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OCAD U 2022-23 Teaching Awards Shortlist + Call for Additional Support

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Early this year, the OCAD U community was invited to nominate instructors and teaching assistants (TAs) for the University’s 2022-2023 Teaching Awards. We now proudly present this year's teaching awards shortlist and invite all OCAD U students, faculty, staff and alumni to provide additional support/testimonials for the shortlisted nominees.

Congrats to all the nominees!

2022-23 OCAD U Teaching Awards Shortlist (PDF)

Price Award for Leadership in Teaching Shortlist

  • Catherine Black

  • Peter Coppin

  • Ryan Whyte

Non-Tenured Award for Leadership in Teaching Shortlist

  • Heather Frise

  • Onah Jung

  • Pam Patterson

  • Ross Bullen

Faculty of Art Teaching Award Shortlist

  • Heather Frise

  • Pam Patterson

  • Shannon Gerard

Faculty of Design Teaching Award Shortlist

  • Julia Rose Sutherland

  • Monique Lizardo

  • Onah Jung

Faculty of Arts & Science Teaching Award Shortlist

  • Catherine Black

  • Julian Jason Haladyn

  • Marie-Helene He

Graduate Studies Teaching Award Shortlist

  • Bryn Ludlow

  • Julian Jason Haladyn

  • Nick Goso

Teaching Assistant Award Shortlist

  • Bronte Cronsberry

  • Isobel D'Iorio

  • Jack Zapotochny

  • Zishuo Li

Click here to support a nominee on the 2022-23 Teaching Awards Shortlist 
Deadline: Sunday, June 4, 2023.