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Inaugural Year of Partial x OCAD U Artist Showcase Reaches Millions of Impressions

abstract oil painting in office

In November 2019, Partial Gallery and OCAD University announced an inaugural opportunity for OCAD U students and recent grads to display and sell their work on Partial’s newly created online platform. Nearly a year after the launch of the OCAD U Artist Showcase, the pilot project has generated:

  • Over 1.7 million impressions
  • 28 Sales
  • 16 Rentals
  • Over 85 interactions (booking requests and interest sessions)
  • 40 featured OCAD U students and grads

The OCAD U Artist Showcase on Partial can be found here.
More information about Partial Gallery's 2020 Year in Review can be found here.

In addition to the revenue success of the program, OCAD U’s emerging artists have expressed the significance of selling and exhibiting work in an online community with their peers, as well as the lessons in creative entrepreneurship it provides.

Partial Gallery has given me a new perspective on my work and being my own business. I feel more defined as an artist from the paintings I have been so grateful to have sold through Partial Gallery…. it’s exciting and validating when you sell a piece on your own. When we think of selling art, we immediately think it is only capable through an exhibition hosted at a gallery, but Partial Gallery gives the opportunity to branch from that “tradition” and offer a new and modern way of buying art! It means that artwork is accessible to everyone!

Mashayla Ritchie, Partial Artist, Drawing and Painting, 19’

For me, being a part of the Partial Showcase is being a part of a larger community of creatives in Toronto. It’s giving me the opportunity to reach my work out to more people and build my clientele.

Zuna Amir, Partial Artist, Illustration, ‘20

Exhibiting artists have also expressed their appreciation for Partial’s personalized support in connecting them with collectors and organizations.

The reason Partial is the one I stick to is that it actually works…The local, and personal attention coming from Partial is invaluable. Partial Gallery is extremely helpful, responsive, and respectful and that means a lot.

Shlomi Amiga, Partial Artist, Photography, ‘19

Participants featured in the 2019 Partial x OCAD U Artist Showcase were selected from an open call to new OCAD U grads and upper year students, juried by Faculty Members and staff from the Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers (CEAD).

The CEAD is thrilled to announce that this partnership will be renewed for 2020, with 40 spots available for new OCAD U grads and students to join the Showcase.

Visit the 2020 call to learn more.

Image Donny Nie: Courtesy of the Artist.