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GradEx 105 Task Force members announced

The OCAD University GradEx 105 Task Force begins its work this week to explore options for creating a platform to highlight the work of graduating students who would have normally participated in this end-of-year showcase for the 2019-20 academic year.

Leading the work of the task force are Vlad Spicanovic and Melanie Printup Hope who have agreed to serve as co-chairs

The event was cancelled in light of the current pandemic and health and safety concerns related to large public gatherings.

“There is no doubt we are living in a very extraordinary time of a global pandemic that has affected all of us. As we begin to reimagine and develop our unifying and resourceful vision and plan for GradEX 105, health and wellness of our community continue to be of utmost importance,” says Co-chair Melanie Printup Hope.

During the last couple of weeks, the co-chairs have been working to confirm the task force membership. Program chairs and graduate program directors have provided important input regarding various ongoing and emerging exhibition initiatives in their programs. 

“We recognize the unique situation of our international students who may be abroad. We have been also in dialogue with some external partners who are keen to contribute and inform the efforts of the task force,” explains Vlad Spicanovic. “We are committed to continue working in this consultative way and engage graduating students and the lead faculty members from all OCAD U programs.”

The task force will begin its work the week of May 11 through virtual meetings and discussion forums, and will present a recommendation in June. Task force co-chairs Melanie Printup Hope and Vlad Spicanovic thank the community for their efforts, resilience and patience as the group undertakes this important work.

GradEx 105 Task Force Members

  • Vlad Spicanovic and Melanie Printup Hope, Co-chairs
  • Adé Abegunde, Executive Director of Diversity & Equity, OCAD Student Union
  • Francisco Alvarez, Dorene & Peter Milligan Executive Director, OCAD U Galleries 
  • Susan Blight, Delaney Chair, Indigenous Visual Culture, FoLASSIS
  • Tanya Bowes, Board Secretary & Director, Strategic Planning  
  • Zev Farber, Director, Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers
  • Stephen Foster, Dean, Faculty of Art
  • Melissa General, Indigenous Student Centre Manager
  • April Hickox, Associate Professor Faculty of Art is replacing Meera Singh.
  • Glen Lowry, Executive Director & Advisor to Provost, Partnerships, Outreach & Research 
  • Alastair Macleod, Chief Information Officer
  • Alex Manu, Professor, Design
  • Ashok Mathur, Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Andrew McAllister, Director, Academic Computing & Innovation
  • Peter Morin, Special Advisor, Indigenous Knowledge, Practices and Production
  • Paulette Phillips, Professor, Art
  • Nick Puckett, Chair, Digital Futures Initiative
  • Ali Qadeer, Assistant Professor, Design
  • Charles Reeve, Interim Chair, BA in Visual & Critical Studies, FoLASSIS
  • Ryan Rice, Acting Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies (FoLASSIS)
  • Derek Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Art
  • Dori Tunstall, Dean, Faculty of Design
  • Adam Wiendels, Senior Manager, Marketing
  • Kanyika Yorke, Lead Advancement Events & Sponsorship 

Student members:

  • Ana Luisa Bernárdez, Photography
  • Carly Bruce, Graphic Design
  • Francis Ho, Graphic Design
  • Ziad Khan, Strategic Foresight & Innovation, Graduate Studies
  • Enna Kim, Digital Futures
  • Armin Musa, Drawing & Painting
  • Tami Poliwoda, Drawing & Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation
  • Alysha Rocca, Drawing & Painting
  • Sebastian Rodriguez Vasti, Photography
  • Lilian Sim, Illustration