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City Council approves exploration of OCAD U’s proposal to animate Canada Malting Silos

Photo of Canada Malting Silos at Toronto waterfront

Image: Photo by Bryan Bowen. Courtesy City of Toronto.

Exciting changes could be coming to the Canada Malting Silos. On March 9, Toronto City Council approved the exploration of a proposal to partner with OCAD University to launch the Global Centre for Climate Resilience through Art and Design.

Councillor Joe Cressy put forward the motion at the March 9 Council meeting, seconded by Mayor John Tory, to advance discussion with OCAD University about the plan to bring cultural and artistic activities to the property at the foot of Bathurst Street.

OCAD University's proposal plans to facilitate critical dialogues on climate resilience from the lens of art and design and will include activities such as public arts programming, program exhibitions, installations and symposiums, done in collaboration with Indigenous, local, national and international partners.

The vision builds on the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Plan (BQNP), approved in 2017, which aims to improve the unused city-owned property with new public spaces, and to repair and revitalize the heritage-designated Canada Malting Silos located on the property into a cultural and community services-focused hub.