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Call for Participants – Designing for Diversity 2022 

Call for Participants Designing for Diversity

Call for Participants – Designing for Diversity 2022 

  SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Tuesday, February 15th, 2022 

OCAD U is excited to share this collaborative project in partnership with ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris, France).  
An interdisciplinary, international design workshop in Paris, France 
This course invites students to a five-day design workshop in Paris, France with students from ENSCI-Les Ateliers and OCAD University (Toronto, Canada). This is a call for design students from different disciplines across the university. You may be an industrial design student, or in graphic design, environmental design, digital futures or from elsewhere. What matters is if you can look at cultural diversity and complexity in an urban re-development project with an optimistic ‘designerly’ attitude. 
Cultural diversity in an urban context of people, places and everyday lives 
ENSCI-Les Ateliers will welcome and take students to the southern district of L’Île-Saint-Denis. The students will investigate and work on cultural diversity in the context of people, places and everyday life of this southern part of Saint Denis Island (in the river Seine, north of Paris). We will meet with the Association ICI!, a group of architects who have embedded themselves in the area and are actively involved in this urban renovation program. 
A new way of working for designers that is open and grassroots based 
This workshop will investigate a new role for designers as facilitators of co-creation processes in which you are on equal par with end users in an urban re-development project. An important part of the creative workshop process proposed by ENSCI is for students to become inspired by people’s everyday life situations, their wisdom, histories, and creativity and as a designer remain flexible to improvisation, how the creative process unfolds and a deep acknowledgement of our personal experiences. 


*If the on-going Covid-19 pandemic permits* The five-day workshop will take place at the premises of ENSCI Les Ateliers (École nationale supérieure de création industrielle) in the 11th Arrondisement. Preparation session and post workshop reflection session will take place at OCADU (or online).  


Travel dates: Sunday, April 24th- Sunday, May 1st, 2022*Dates may be rescheduled based on the emerging conditions of the pandemic   

OCAD University is seeking to increase participation in this program for low-income students, Indigenous students and students with disabilities*. Specific bursary funding of $2,500 to cover flight and accommodation costs are available to domestic students who self-identify as one or more of these groups. All participating students (domestic and international) for whom the costs of travel present a barrier are invited to apply for $750 bursaries. Accepted participants will be supported by the International Programs and Collaboration Office in the application to receive these funds through bursary applications.   

There is no associated participation or application fee, however, note that all selected students will be registered for this course and will be responsible for the associated tuition for a 0.5 credit.   

Estimated costs/expenses for April 24th- May 1st, 2022 

Flight (round trip)  

$800 CAD  

Accommodation (hostel/shared room) 

$400 CAD (Based on hostel/shared room accommodations) 

Meals and local travel  

$430 CAD  

Total estimated cost:   

$1,630 CAD  



Along with your application you will be asked to self-identify in order for us to gauge student bursary eligibility. Note, your responses will not affect the evaluation of your application to participate.    

Students are asked to complete a survey after they are accepted into this program. OCAD U seeks to reduce barriers to participation and increase the engagement of underrepresented students in international learning opportunities.    

*Funding for domestic students is provided through the Global Skills Opportunity program. Target groups  are defined through this program as follows:  

Low-income students:  either having 1.) been approved for a Canada/Provincial Student Loan, Canada  Student Grant or similar non-repayable student financial assistance in your province or territory for your  current program of study OR 2.) In the absence of receiving non-repayable student financial assistance,  can provide information to demonstrate that they require financial support in order to cover the  estimated costs/expenses of this course  

Indigenous students: First Nations, Métis or Inuk (Inuit). This includes urban and unaffiliated Indigenous  peoples  

Students with disabilities: For the purposes of this program, disability is defined as a difficulty or  impairment due to a long-term condition or health problem and/or experiences a limitation in their daily  activities. Students do not need to be registered with OCAD U’s Student Accessibility Services, rather they  must only self-identify.    


  • Current upper year (3rd and 4th year) OCAD U Students in the Faculty of Design, Indigenous Visual Culture or Digital Futures Program 
  • Participants will be selected through an application process that is based on designerly merit, availability, and interest in collaboration. 


To register for this course, students are required to have a 75 % average in their course work leading up to this workshop.  

  Semester: Summer 2022 


Credit Value: 0.5 



Apply through online form 



Inclusive Collaboration. In this workshop you will learn to naturally engages with a diverse group of people in safe, inspiring, and productive design sessions.  

Inclusive behavior. You will learn to be inclusive of the full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of human difference. 

Opportunities in complexity. By learning to see the complexity of the ‘cultural fabric’, you’ll learn to spot unique opportunities for connections that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Forging Creative connections. You will become able to chart the different cultural drivers and synthesize or ‘sense’ possible connections and relationships based on intuition, broad knowledge, and past experiences. 

Urban co-design. You will become familiar with the current discourse on co-design and how it can be applied within cultural complex, urban development processes. 


DAY 0/17 April. 2022  

Topic: Preparation - Workshop Program Information session  

  • Discussion of workshop reader 
  • Logistics & planning 

DAY 1/24 April. 2022  

Topic: Project Foundation 

  • Review of design theme and process 
  • Introduction project stakeholders, site 

  • Site exploration and observation  

DAY 02/ 25 April. 2022  

Topic: Design Research 

  • Review of existing project research  
  • End user interview clinic on site 

  • Needs analysis & synthesis 

DAY 03/ 26 April. 2022  

Topic: Creating Ideas

  • Structured ideation 
  • Idea clustering and theme identification 

  • Synthesis of culturally different aspects 

 DAY 04/ 27 April. 2022  

Topic: Developing Ideas 

  • User experience design  
  • Idea story boarding 

  • Experience prototyping 

DAY 05/ 27 April. 2022  

Topic: Presentation 

  • Preparing for presentation 
  • Testing and validating ideas

  • Incorporating feedback 

DAY 06/ 9 May. 2022  

Topic: Reflection 

  • Looking back
  • Sharing learning insights 

  • How to apply learning Looking forward 


Sarngsan Na Soontorn - ENSCI-Les Ateliers  

A Design Teacher at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Sarngsan Na Soontorn graduated from Chiang Mai University (Thailand) in 2003, went to Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation lndustrielle in Paris, and has since spent his career in France and Thailand, combining the influences of both worlds into products and projects. 

Job Rutgers - OCAD University  

Job is a Sr. design facilitator at OCADU Co, the executive Education arm of the university. Job is a full professor in Design at OCAD University in Toronto . At OCADU's digital futures initiative, Job is the principal investigator of the Ambient Experience Lab. 


Job Rutgers - 

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