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Associate Professor Jody Hewgill Commissioned Painting for TIME Magazine Cover

100 Women of the Year - Time

Associate Professor Jody Hewgill was commissioned to create a portrait of visionary scientist Rosalind Franklin for a TIME magazine cover, for the “100 Women of the Year” project. Rosalind Franklin was a molecular biologist and crystallographer who generated a key X-ray image that provided evidence of the double-helix structure of the DNA molecules.

The project mission was to spotlight influential women who have been so often overshadowed by history. To recognize these women, Time embarked on a historical project: selecting a woman or group to represent each year from 1920 to 2019, and then creating a TIME cover for them. Each cover is visually emblematic of the period its subject represents. In all, 49 artists were commissioned to create original portraits.

As TIME executive editor & editorial director of 100 Women of the Year Project Kelly Conniff writes “The feminist movement is always about progress, and acknowledging the role of women in history is as much about looking ahead as it is about re-examining the past”

Congratulations Jody!

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