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Birds eyes view of the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair with rows of white tents and booths.

Since 1961, TOAF has been instrumental in launching artists’ careers and bringing art into people’s everyday lives. TOAF is passionate about supporting artists and exceptional talents through awards, special programs and opportunities. With 150,000 annual visitors to Nathan Phillips Square, 100,000 website visitors, and 1 million annual page views, TOAF’s loyal community of art lovers continues to grow. Congratulations to our 2023 recipients who will be at this year's fair from July 7-9 at Nathan Phillips Square and July 2-9 online. 

Hyun Young Yang

HyunYoung Yang is an artist born in South Korea trained in Drawing and Painting and now is interested in exploring physical computing and hybrid media. Yang expands her artistic reach beyond the two-dimensional space of canvas to three-dimensional work, video, and interactive art. Yang focuses on exploring the meaning of human life in relation to her personal experiences and visualizing it.

Hyunsun Park

Hi, I am Hyunsun Park, an emerging illustrator based in Toronto.I use gouache paint to create dream-like snapshots that tell stories about people, including myself. My works often carry sociopolitical themes, such as my thesis, Frugal Thriving. It is a series of illustrations that each depict an inventive way to live a low-budget, high-quality life into day’s capitalist society. 

Jenny Su

Jenny Su is an aspiring jewellery artist and designer currently based inToronto. Graduating in the spring of 2023 from OCAD University’s Material Art and Design program specializing in Jewellery and Metal smithing, her work is inspired by observations of the natural world, nostalgia from old memories, and reflections from her personal experiences. With a passion for storytelling, sheen joys experimenting with new techniques and mediums to create multifaceted narrative works exploring the intersections between wearability and sculptural form.  

Jhonathan Parra Diaz

Jonais an emerging Colombian artist and graphic designer. He works in a variety of media, including ballpoint pen, oil paint, collage and watercolour. His non-conformity and awareness of the political and social environment he grew up in have led him to explore the flagella that have brought about the marginalization of vulnerable communities. Influenced by Latin American literature and artists, he continues with the purpose of portraying the memories, resistance and endurance of the "forgotten."

Justine Yan Yee Fong

Justine Fong developed her passion as a fashion designer at a very young age. Since secondary school, she has participated in design competitions and fashion shows. About six years ago, Justine moved from Hong Kong to Toronto to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. She graduated from George BrownCollege where she learned the Construction of garment making and pattern drafting. Then, she continued her further studies at OCADU for textile production. 

Lei (Yuna) Zhang

Yuna (Lei) Zhang will graduate fromMaterial Art & Design program at OCADU this summer. Yuna studied and lived in China in her early years. She immigrated to Canada with her husband. Yuna believes that jewellery art is one of the essential elements of fashion.Therefore, Yuna focuses on both textiles and jewellery. She mostly followed the elements of spiral and triangular geometry. Her aesthetic is mainly expressed through curves, spiral motifs, and rounded elements. Personal narratives and experiences also play a significant role in the inspiration behind my pieces. Let people feel the back stories from her works.

Shinae Kim

Shinae Kim is a fourth-year OCAD University Drawing and Painting student. She is aCanadian painter of Korean descent. Her work moves between figuration and abstraction, an investigation and an excited celebration of the sensuality o foil paint and, indeed, of the life it depicts. She works alla prima in oil, her colours mixed one by one. Her canvases are created with several layers of oil paint in a full colour palette. The complex, intricate balance of colours are significant components in her work. 

Stephanie Camille

Stephanie Camille is an artist/researcher studying at OCAD University, and working towards receiving her MFA.  She has previously received a BFA from OCAD and a BA from Brock University.  With her oil paintings and digital collages, she explores her connection with the digital world. Stephanie is currently interested in hyper-femininity and the "girly-girl" aesthetic in her art. This is her third year as an artist with TOAF and she is excited for the fair.

Trinity Leon

My name is Trinity Leon, and I'm a Toronto-based artist whoc reates unique textile furnishings. My work explores the interplay between color, texture, and form. I draw inspiration from the natural world, contemporary design, and my Latin heritage, creating pieces that embody a unique mix of modernity and tradition. Through my art, I strive to create a sense ofc onnection between the viewer and their environment, encouraging them to find joy and wonder in unexpected ways.

Yana Rzayeva

Yana was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and has had a passion for art since a young age. Based in Toronto, Ontario, where she has called her home for over two decades, she is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in oil, textile, and encaustic media.  Her work investigates questions of culture, identity and belonging. The artist uses elements of cultural significance, such as handwoven rugs, to frame her nature inspired paintings. The cut-outs of the textile she uses also stand as metaphors for political borders that divide land and people. Her works provide a glimpse into landscape from a diasporic viewpoint.

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