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Announcing Clara Kim recipient of the Slate Asset Management 2022 Career Launcher

We're excited to announce Clara Kim as a recipient of the Slate Asset Management 2022 Career Launcher.

We're excited to announce Clara Kim as a recipient of the Slate Asset Management 2022 Career Launcher

Clara Kim
I am a creative artist who swims in a sparkling sea of imagination and turns thoughts of wonderment into pieces of originality. When I stand in front of a large work, I really like the feeling of being a part of it. If my works are hung here, it adds life to the building as if a bright light was turned on with vivid colors. My inspiration is the emotional and psychological sufferings of women, the initial blow, the shattering of the known life, but also the resilience to place the pieces back together in a new way. With this archetype, I create paintings in an abstract and conceptual manner, expressing the tender femininity which transforms experiences into beauty and strength. @clarettissima

Slate Asset Management seeks proposals for a rotating public art exhibit to animate the lobby of 2 St. Clair West in the Yonge St. + St. Clair Avenue West community. Slate welcomes Drawing & Painting students and graduates, working in all mediums to submit medium to large-scale pieces to be displayed on two walls in the lobby. Slate’s rotating art program will occur two times a year. 

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