Hosted by Cordelia Shan, Kaleidoscope turns the spotlight on writers from OCADU's Creative Writing department.  

Two episodes will be recorded and released each month on the first and third Wednesday. This program is dedicated to young and new literary creators.  

Aiming to meet blooming writers and shed light on their marvellous works, Kaleidoscope creates the space and stage for each writer to display themselves, talk about their learning experiences/creation processes, and read their works. 

Filmed by: Madison McLaren and Julie Messner 

Edited by: Madison McLaren 

Kaleidoscope Season 7 Ep 1
Kaleidescope S 6 Ep 7
Kaleidoscope S6 EP 6
Kaleidoscope S6 EP 5
Kaleidoscope S6 EP 4
Kaleidoscope S6 EP 3
Kaleidoscope S6 EP 2
Kaleidescope S6 EP 1