Housewarming: Season 1

Housewarming is a new series for people who have a love for art, for authenticity, for celebrating diversity. Each episode is incredibly unique, with heartwarming stories about the impact of art in our daily lives and the connection that those who purchase local art form with artists and creators. It's a story of how art brings people together and makes meaning in our lives. Subscribe to get the latest updates at

A collaboration of:

Fineline ( Meaningful Art for Purposeful Homes

OCADU Live ( A student-run on-demand video channel

Hosted by Evangeline Fitz.

Housewarming S1 Episode 1: Kat + Natasha
Housewarming S1 Episode 2: Peter + Kyla
Housewarming S1 Episode 3: RJ + Shawn
Housewarming S1 Episode 4: Christine + Attiya
Housewarming S1 Episode 5: Martha + Ivana