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Students cheering during O-days

We will enhance the student experience

OCAD University delivers STUDIO-BASED LEARNING and facilitates practice-based research in all traditional and emerging art and design disciplines. Undergraduate and graduate offerings include painting and photography, graphic and industrial design. They integrate processes such as fabrication in all its forms — from bronze-casting to wood and loom work — data visualization, rapid prototyping and design thinking. At OCAD U, digital media is ubiquitous; industry and gallery partnerships, plentiful.

Our students learn to THINK and INVENT as research assistants and gain workplace experience as interns. Through international mobility programs, they shape and are shaped by global trends in art and design.

We are building a robust scholarship and bursary program to attract and support the BEST and the BRIGHTEST, regardless of their economic status, from recruitment through to graduation. Beyond tuition and books, our students shoulder fees for materials, external studio space and portfolio development. Some also come to OCAD University while supporting families and working part-time jobs. THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

Your support of student aid at the university has far-reaching impact — not just on one student, but on a future family’s income, and on our society’s commitment to equitable access to education. Your support will play a direct role in ensuring the success of our students and help OCAD U attract and retain the best creative minds.

Featured Giving Opportunities


Ignite Imagination Scholarships

The competition to attract and retain the best art, design and new media students from around the world can only be won by having a robust, merit-based entrance and in-course scholarships program. These scholarships will support our undergraduate and graduate students across all faculties and will play a direct role in ensuring their success.

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Ignite Imagination Bursaries

We want to ensure that our students’ imaginations are ignited regardless of their economic backgrounds. These bursaries will help OCAD U students bridge the gap between their assessed financial need and available sources of funding, allowing them to focus on creating and imagining.

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Ignite Imagination Abroad

Help OCAD U students have life-changing experiences abroad! With your support, more of our most promising creative minds can participate in planned study outside Canada with our international academic partners, and be exposed to the rich and varied landscape of global artistic and design practice.

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Career Launcher

OCAD U’s goal is to ensure that its graduates have the right business and life skills to make a career out of their creative practice. This fund will support tools and resources, workshops, panel discussions, professional events, mentorship opportunities, placements, and portfolio development opportunities.

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Student Health & Wellness

We want to create a positive, resilient campus environment that supports the emotional, physical and mental health of all of our students. This fund will support a new integrated primary care and mental health-care model, featuring a multidisciplinary team of specialists and a group counselling program.

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Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships provide financial support to graduate students and enable students the opportunity to directly assist in faculty research activities. While helping students cover their expenses, these competitive positions offer outstanding exposure to OCAD U’s educational and research programs. Research assistants work with a faculty member and/or research centre on specific research initiatives.

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