Case Studies

Redesigning the future: Scotiabank

As part of their course requirements, third-year OCAD U Environmental Design students were asked to design a new bank branch for Scotiabank, which would be located on the UBC campus. An executive team from Scotiabank worked alongside OCAD U faculty and students, presenting the creative brief and acting as the “client” to provide direction and critique on the development of the projects.

Students were responsible for producing five project phases focusing on user profile, client profile, statement of intent, ideations and, in the final phase, planning and elevations. At the end of the project, students presented their completed projects to Scotiabank. Final projects included a furniture plan, a reflected ceiling plan, interior images, a sample board and the development of a workstation.

A case for creativity: smart Canada

smart Canada, a division of Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., and OCAD U challenged art and design students in a competition celebrating style, innovation, sustainability and playfulness, by asking students to design a thought-provoking wrap for the smartfortwo car. Students were given the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals to get first-hand experience for how this kind of project is managed and developed, offering enrichment and engagement in the world of professional practice.

Fourth-year Industrial Design student Justin Merk created a strong conceptual and visual design that combined QR  (quick response) code with Arctic camouflage. The design adds not only a stylistic charge to the vehicle's sleek design, but provides an interactive portal to dynamic virtual content that can evolve over time.

“The revolutionary smartfortwo automobile began as an innovative idea from forward-thinking engineers and it was natural that we would seek out the expertise of OCAD University and its students as we continue to push the boundaries of design. There is some extraordinary talent that exists at OCAD U and we look forward to continue helping to cultivate it, both for the benefit of the university and for the benefit of smart Canada.”
- Richard Trevisan, Director, smart Canada (Mercedes-Benz Financial Services)

Thriving in a digital world: TVO

As part of an ongoing professional development program under the direction of the Digital Futures Initiative (DFI), digital training was provided by OCAD U to a group of TVO executives over the course of several months. The goal of the training was to ensure that TVO’s digital media producers possess the highest possible digital literacy skills so that they can add value to the organization.

A team of OCAD U instructors created 25 courses organized by 11 themes to address the development areas identified by TVO. The project started with digital profiling of the 37 participants through an evaluation exercise. This allowed TVO participants to be placed in the courses that best suited their needs in terms of proficiency and their roles. The training provided the digital producers with the knowledge and flexibility needed for the digital producers to adapt to a rapidly changing media environment and enhance audience collaboration in the creation of content.