Graduate Gallery Submissions

The Graduate Gallery presents more than 10 thesis exhibitions per year as well as dozens of critiques, special events, workshops, and other one-off uses. All requests for use of the space are vetted by the Graduate Gallery Advisory Committee and are administered through the Office of Graduate Studies. Between shows, the gallery and, most commonly, the media lab, are used for student critiques, studio visits and practice-based research.

Submission policy

  • The Graduate Gallery is available for use by OCAD U graduate students and graduate faculty as well as occasional undergraduate and external community exhibitors.
  • Priority is given to graduate student exhibitions, research and teaching during the academic terms September to December and January to May.
  • Priority will be given to thesis research and/or faculty-led research during the period from May to August.
  • Faculty teaching in an OCAD U graduate program and Graduate Directors may book the Gallery for curricular-based requirements.
  • To submit, complete an application form. (To access the forms fillable feature for the application please open using Google Chrome, or download to your machine and open using Adobe Acrobat)
  • Submissions are reviewed by the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Both individual and group applications are welcome.
  • The Gallery can be booked for a period of one day to three weeks.
  • Each project organized by a graduate student may be eligible for a stipend towards expenses: installation, publicity, lighting, supplies, security, opening, striking the exhibition and cleaning the facility for use by the next exhibitor.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that her/his/their materials and personal equipment are not left within the space as these may be removed to facilitate access by other users.
  • At the end of the booking period, the Gallery must be completely empty and cleaned (or cleaning scheduled) for the next user.
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