The Intimacy of Presence

Thesis Exhibition by Sandy Groebner
(Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design Master’s Program Student)

November 18 to 21, 2010

The Intimacy of Presence attempted to incorporate experiences that have been lived–experiences that are pre- or non-verbal and to involve the viewer in the process of embodied cognition. Through engagement with the work, it was the curator's hope that the work may elicit a sense of bodily knowing and corporeal awareness as it becomes simultaneously manifest in the body and mind.

In conjunction with The Intimacy of Presence, The Groebner Booth was assembled in the gallery and available for five-minute trial sessions. The Groebner Booth was an integral component of the curator's thesis fieldwork, which entailed having two participants stand approximately 12 inches apart in a dim and quiet space for five minutes without physical or verbal contact/interaction. The meditative space offered within the booth allowed participants to reflect on their feelings/reactions/readings of the other in the course of physical proximity as a way of determining if, and to what extent, embodied cognition occurred.

Intimacy of Presence 1

Intimacy of Presence 2