Fingertip Memory

Alexis Boyle

December 2-9, 2012

Fingertip Memory was a collaborative event in the OCAD U Graduate Gallery that featured a solo show of Boyle's work and a participatory listening party with DJ Mary Mack. DJ culture relies on the actions of fingertips: flipping switches, discs, records and pushing (people's) buttons. Works on display visibly and messily challenged mundane materials in an autopsy-like-fashion. They revealed the act of trying to get a closer look, to let the inside out, and relayed an engaged handling by sensitive and sticky fingertips. Philosopher Gaston Bachelard refers to fingertip memory as a form of tacit knowledge that firmly connects us to our pasts. He posits that when we touch an object that we handled in our youth, the sensation of touching it can transport us into another time and place — automatically inducing nostalgia, re-living and day-dreaming. Fingertip memory allows for speculation about the significant roles of matter, sensation and thought beneath, within and beyond our daily experiences of the world.

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