Enemies of my Enemies

lo mas caliente del arte joven venezolano de hoy
[hot young Venezuelan art today]

Iván Candeo, Verónica Casellas, Ivonne Gargano, Nestor Guillén, Juan Pablo Garza, Oscar Pabón, Pedro Marrero, Angyvir Padilla, Ignacio Pérez Pérez, Jefferson Quintana, Luis Daniel Zambrano

February 10 to 27, 2011

Curated by Julian Higuerey Núñez, a first year student in OCAD U's Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design program.

Enemy of my Enemies was a survey of how young visual producers approach the act of making in the northernmost country of South America. The exhibition revised not only the rituals of contemporary production in a place where the most significant event regarding aesthetics is a beauty pageant, but explores issues of historicism, visual culture, and identity in a context where pastiche is the norm.