at the boundary of the self

Work by Ian August, Grace Channer, Alex Gelis, Colwyn Griffith, Alex Kisilevich, Maria Flawia Litwin, Margarita MacDonald, Logan MacDonald. PhD: Elle Flanders, Troy Ouellette, June Pak, Elida Schogt

September 18 to 30, 2010

The York University MFA / PHD Visual Arts programs presented a stimulating and thought provoking exhibition, the first part of an exhibition exchange with OCAD U graduate students.

Eight second-year MFA and 4 PhD students presented work from a wide range of disciplines in one or more of the following media: video, performance, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and digital media.

With such a wide scope of disciplines, this exhibition raised the question of how the physical support of an artwork created and confounded meaning. How boundaries appear, disappear, converge and interfere between the works in the show, the disciplines represented and the various topics that each artist explored.

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