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Window display of Pretty Ugly, exhibition at the Graduate Gallery, 2010. Photo by Lino Ragno.

Graduate Gallery

A space where OCAD U graduate students and faculty hold exhibitions, lectures, think-tanks, performances, conferences and experiments.

Window display of Pretty Ugly, exhibition at the Graduate Gallery, 2010. Photo by Lino Ragno.

OCAD U Graduate Gallery

Home to thesis shows, speakers series, and one of a kind events, the Graduate Gallery is the primary exhibition space for graduate students and Faculty of OCAD University. Stay up-to-date on the ever-changing schedule of events via our Current Exhibitions page. 

Show your work

Priority is given to graduate student exhibitions, research and teaching during the academic terms September-December and January-May. Priority will be given to thesis research and/or faculty-led research during the period May-August.
Faculty teaching in an OCAD U graduate program and Graduate Directors can book the Gallery for curricular-based requirements.

Proposals must include:

  • A description of the research, exhibition, or installation
  • Proposed period(s) for which the space is required and, in the case of scheduling conflicts, a second period
  • Budget and whether the applicant is requesting funds from the Office of Graduate Studies for support of the research, exhibition or installation
  • Other technological, material, and space requirements (Indicate which spaces you will be utilizing i.e. the Experimental Media Space, stairwell etc)

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that her/his/their materials and personal equipment are not left within the space as these may be removed to facilitate access by other users.

At the end of the booking period, the Gallery must be completely empty and cleaned (or cleaning scheduled) for the next user.

Download Graduate Gallery Application (PDF)

(To access the forms fillable feature for the Application please open using Google Chrome, or download to your machine and open using Adobe Acrobat)

Graduate Gallery floor plan

Graduate Gallery Floorplan

Note: Ceiling height is 10 feet 6 inches

Download the Graduate Gallery Floorplan (PDF)


Experimental Media Space floor plan

EMS Floorplan_cropped

Note: Ceiling height is 8 feet 10 inches; grid height is 8 feet 3 inches

Download the Experimental Media Space Floorplan (PDF)

Contact information

205 Richmond Street West, Ground floor
(416) 977 6000 x423

Booking guidelines

The Gallery can be booked for a period of 1 day to 3 weeks.

If you have the gallery booked you can pick up keys to both the Graduate Gallery and Experimental Media Space at the AV Desk on the fourth floor at 205 Richmond Street. All installation supplies are located in the seventh floor storage closet. Keys to the storage closet are also available at the AV Desk.

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