Located beside the Great Hall of OCAD University (100 McCaul St.), the Anniversary Gallery services the OCAD U community by supporting student exhibitions and public presentation labs. The gallery is available for experimental, process, and course work from students in all OCAD U programs. First-time exhibitors are encouraged to use this space as a learning opportunity and a chance to collaborate, see work by students in other areas of study, and gain experience in exhibiting. As a non‑curated space, it may be booked for exhibitions by undergraduate and/or graduate students in all areas of study.
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Level 2, 100 McCaul St., beside the Great Hall


Anniversary Gallery Monitor


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Inbox, 2009

Designed originally as the entrance of the Onsite [at] OCAD U gallery, I had wanted this sculpture to:

  1. Celebrate the creative diversity of OCAD U faculty and staff. To do this, I solicited small examples of artwork from anyone I encountered in the halls. While few people clearly understood my vision initially, all were more than willing to contribute to the project.
  2. Reincorporate McCaul Street London Plain trees back into the university envelope. Unfortunately, several of these trees were removed to make way for construction to begin on OCAD University Sharp Centre for Design. With the help of Facilities Planning & Management, they were salvaged and reincorporated here.

The Sharp Centre for Design signified a landmark expansion of OCAD University allowing for an even more vibrant gathering of creativity. My goal was to replicate the shape of the new building using both the tree stumps and the donated objects and artwork.

OCAD University fans Dr. Ernie and Louise Kerr sponsored the direct costs of the project. Faculty and staff made it possible with their artworks and trust. A full list of participating artists and designers to which I owe my sincere thanks can be found on the brass plaque below the installation.

—Gord Peteran