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This Week at OCAD U

This Month at OCAD U

You've Got 3 Minutes: Presenting with Purpose

This workshop will support you in improving your English communication skills, and is open to all year levels, programs, and students. 
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Workshop Postcard

Classic, utilitarian, structured, edgy, eclectic - how would you describe your style?

This workshop will help you to describe your influences and aesthetics using descriptive visual language and to communicate your creative choices with clear and purposeful intent. 

  • Improve your English communication skills
  • All year levels, programs, and students welcome
  • Support for ELL Students (English Language Learners)

This is an informal workshop. We encourage you to stay for the whole thing, but you may arrive late or leave before the end if you need to. Snacks wil be provided. 

Note: this workshop is open to current OCAD U undergraduate students - either those currently taking summer courses, or those returning for 2nd year or above. Looking for workshops for incoming first year students? Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite to COMPASS: Navigating Your First Year at OCAD U. 

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